Critical Criteria for Selection

• Objectives for student learning reflect innovative, new opportunities with high standards of excellence for your students.
• Specific detailed activities designed to accomplish project objectives. (Can we actually “see” what students will be doing in this project?)
• The Foundation encourages cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, cooperation, and collaboration with other grades or departments in your school. Whenever possible, it also wants to nurture projects that reach out to other schools and/or the community at large. Describe fully!
• If applicable, the Foundation would like to know how you were inspired about your project idea. Is there evidence of previous success?

Other Important Information

• Dates/duration of project (timeline)
• Number and demographics of students benefitting
• Potential for carry-over of material/equipment/project from year to year
• Opportunities for the Foundation and community to experience your project

math softwareBudget
• Detailed budget including all project costs and any funds from other sources
• Name of suppliers, cost of shipping, etc.

Evaluation (Report of Project Outcomes)

• Please carefully consider your evaluation during project planning and development
• How are you planning to collect data to measure the success of your project?
• What are your plans to share your project’s success with the Foundation, your colleagues, and the public?

Important Information for Grant Writers

• Guest speakers/performances scheduled for an event shall be paid after the event occurs unless provision is made in advance for a refund, if through no fault of your own, the guest(s) cannot or does not fulfill his/her agreement. Re-scheduling the event is highly recommended.
• If your project involves student travel, before submitting this application please confirm money paid in advance will be refunded if, through no fault of your own, the event cannot take place as scheduled. An example is cancelling school due to weather conditions. Scheduling any event during months of possible inclement weather is ill-advised.
• Any down payment or other advanced monies will be refunded if the event has to be cancelled for legitimate reasons.

Thank you for your creativity, imagination, and diligence. Please feel free to contact any member of the Foundation’s Allocations Committee with questions or suggestions about the Foundation or the grant process. We truly appreciate your efforts on behalf of our educational community!


Download the Grant Application 2017-2018

Foundation Flyer For Schools

Project contact person should submit the grant application to kathyburant@gmail.com. A hard copy with signatures should be sent to Kathy Burant at the Foundation’s mailbox at Maury River Middle School.

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