Our Mission:

aboutusThe mission of the Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation is to raise substantial private funds, over and above funds available through the regular operating budget, to make the Rockbridge County Public Schools as excellent as they can possibly be.

The Foundation will carry out its mission by focusing support in these areas:

  • Helping students achieve higher levels of academic, personal, and social success;
  • Helping teachers and principals obtain additional professional educational training and skills;
  • Equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art tools and technology;
  • Promoting communication and collaboration with the community, and
  • Ensuring educational excellence that prepares graduates for meaningful and productive lives.

Our Vision:

  • Graduates of the Rockbridge County schools who are so proud of their school experience and education that they can’t wait to tell other people!
  • Talented and dedicated teachers and administrators who are rewarded for their contributions with continuing education and specialized training that prepares them to reach even higher heights!
  • Classrooms equipped with computers, technology, and learning tools that are as good as any other schools in the nation!
  • Enrichment activities and field trips where every student is able to participate, whether or not his or her parents can afford it!
  • Education is a community responsibility! Schools reach out to partner with parents and community!
  • Political leaders, local, and state government taking note of this and realigning their priorities with ours!


Board of Directors 2017—2018:

  • Dick Halseth, President (1st term ends 2018)
  • Susan Piribek, Vice President (1st term ends 2018)
  • Adam Sandridge, Treasurer (1st term ends 2019)
  • Mary Grey Rhoades, Secretary (2nd term ends 2020)
  • Wendy Lovell (ex officio – School Board Representative)
  • Phillip Thompson (ex officio – Superintendent)
  • David Daniels (ex officio – Director of Finance)
  • Chesley Strickler (ex officio – Student Representative)
  • Kathy Burant (1st term ends 2018)
  • Whitney Huffman (1st term ends 2018)
  • Kimberly Kennedy (1st term ends 2018)
  • Lynn McCoy (1st term ends 2018)
  • Carol Wheeler (2nd term ends 2018)
  • Tres Mullis (2nd term ends 2019)
  • Stacy Stevens (1st term ends 2019)
  • Stephanie Ring (2nd term ends 2020)
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