Congratulations to our most recent grant recipients!

Fairfield Elementary:
One School, One Book – Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin – Engages all Fairfield families and FES staff (teachers, office and support personnel, bus drivers, custodians and cafeteria workers) as well as Central office administrators, School Board members and the RCPS Foundation in a shared reading experience while promoting literacy and parent and community involvement. As the school community reads the book together, the importance of reading and building comprehension skills is enhanced by specific activities related to the book’s content.

Bridging History into the Future, iPads for 1st Grade Classrooms – iPads serve as multi-purpose learning technologies through drama video creation by helping students reenact subject matter they have learned, making videos where students explain different aspects of our country’s and our state’s history, discussing the citizenship and the symbols of our country, teaching others about maps, our country, continents, and Virginia. Making these videos will help students take pride in their work, will reinforce re-teaching of the subject matter through play and creative thinking.

Maury River Middle School:
Groove Girls Project, Second Year of Programming – Nurtures girls’ capacity for resilience, creative expression, and a healthy sense of self through dance and writing. Hoping to encourage girls who don’t normally participate in regular physical activity or have access to healthy peer interactions after school, this project promotes dance and writing as conduits for developing individual strengths and self-awareness in each participant. A student mentor program, community outreach, and end-of-program reflection campout are included in the project.

Pollination Garden – Creates a habitat for native pollinators as students and faculty design, build, plant and enjoy a pollination garden on their school campus. Students in science, agriculture, and special education work together side-by-side with local garden club members as they focus on the preservation and beautification of their environment. The intent is to involve the community as much as possible as the garden is developed and maintained as well as provide an outdoor classroom and beautiful community garden.


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